Wednesday, 23 December 2020

A New Image


It has been nearly two years since l'Image closed, taking not only a fine restaurant, but a much loved institution away from our village. (We wrote about it here).

For months there has been a rumour circulating town that "The Chinese" have bought it. "The Chinese" are a constant subject of rumours in France, and every time a winemaker, spirit maker, or high end couturier changes hands it is "The Chinese" who are rumoured to have bought it.

Not so in this case. The current plan is for it to be re-opened by a son of Preuilly (his family have been here for about 200 years) and his Singaporean partner. Of course, they could not have made their decision at a worse time, 2020 being what it is, but we are eagerly awaiting developments.


Jean said...

That's great news! Opening in 2021 will hopefully be better for them than it would have been in 2020 and I wish them enormous luck. We shall certainly pay them a visit when we eventually get back to France and that cannot come soon enough.

chm said...

Good luck to them.

Ricks Carson, Atlanta said...

Gott sei dank!

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