Wednesday, 12 September 2018


At least, that's what I thinks it's called!

One day while we were in Switzerland Susan and I drove up to Berggasthaus Dürrboden. Not that we were aware that's what we were doing, I was just following a road to see where it went, hoping it would lead to a post-lunch coffee. It was a very successful coffee search, given extra value by some amazing scenery. And cows with bells.

The view from the cafe-restaurant

To be brutally honest, it wasn't the best coffee I have ever had. In fact, it may have been instant. At least I had two cups.... because Susan got linguistically challenged and ordered "drei kaffe" because drei sounds like two. Why couldn't she make that mistake when ordering ice-cream?

Looking down the valley towards Davos.
A few days later this view was filled with runners

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sillygirl said...

Those cows with bells certainly tell you where you are! And I agree about "mistakes" in ordering ice cream - maybe learn the phrase for "one of each please"?

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