Monday, 24 September 2018

New at Cande

Over the last couple of years the City of Tours has been quietly working to restore the exterior of the little known Chateau of Candé. They've also been improving the grounds with additions of statuary, opening up vistas and running a series of events, many of them gourmet food oriented. Inside several new rooms have been refurbished. Hidden away in the basement is a humungeous new heating and climate control system worthy of former owner Charles Bedaux. The temporary exhibition at the moment is some of Wallis Simpson's furniture from the apartment in Paris that she shared with the Duke of Windsor and their assorted pet pug dogs.

A newly restored guest bathroom.

A mechanical ride for kids in the form of a Great Capricorn Beetle.

The reroofed and newly cleaned exterior of the 19th century wing.


Simon Leather said...

Great beetle ride - love it

Susan said...

It's brilliant, isn't it?! It's had quite a lot of attention on FB in the Insects of Britain and Europe group.

Ricks Carson, Atlanta said...

I stayed at Cande in the early 70s. Owned by Madame Bedeau. My aunt & uncle owned Chateau du Lion in Preuilly and were friends of hers. Mmm Bedeau and her husband had taken a one-year around-the-world trip while it was being restored for them. I think that was in the 60s.

Susan said...

Thanks for this little snippet of personal history. Very intriguing. Were your aunt and uncle the Scottish couple who owned the chateau in Preuilly at one time? Fern Bedaux would have been a widow in the 60s so the around the world cruise must have been earlier (or taken with someone else).

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