Tuesday, 25 September 2018

I love Rust...

...in the right place, it's amazing. Hence, I would love to be the owner of this sign.


Tuesday's Training Tales.

Last week we didn't cover a lot of ground. We did manage to go swimming on Monday with Huub, so that's 1000 metres of pool activity, but the rest of the week we were working. In total I managed 18km of walking. The good news is that it was all at a faster pace than previously.

I'm still not sure how we will manage at an altitude of 2700 metres when the highest point in any of our walks so far has been 130 metres, but I guess we will cross that alp when we get to it.


  1. Like we have said before... Get your arses over here on a cheap flight and you will have MORE than plenty of altitude to train on... Cowards

    1. I'm afraid that none of the mountains in the UK are high enough to do training at altitude. Ben Nevis is 200metres lower than Davos, and we only go uphill from there....

  2. Also, rouille, the sauce that goes with bouillabaisse.