Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tulips at Chenonceau

Tulips flowering in the cutting garden at the chateau of Chenonceau.

Every spring the tulips put on a colourful show in the Loire Valley. A couple of the chateaux gardens are always especially magnificent displays. This photo shows the tulips in the kitchen and cutting garden at the chateau of Chenonceau last year in mid-April.

The chateau of Chenonceau always displays the most stupendous floral arrangements in every room, and as far as possible, the flowers are grown on the estate. Naturally, tulips feature strongly in the early spring.


Sheila said...

Such a display. The gardeners must have to dig them up when they're finished to make room for other plantings and put them back in the fall. I notice all the tree roses too. I wonder what is espalied (misspelled, I think) along the perimeter.

melinda said...

so beautiful

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