Sunday, 29 April 2018


When we were at Sydney airport in January we noticed this reassuring flight information board. We were on our way from Australia to France via Shanghai.

CA 776 was our flight

It has to be said, though, that transiting through Shanghai is less than relaxing. Mainly because you don't actually transit, you visit.

When you are flying through Shanghai your bags (and you) are only checked through as far as Shanghai itself. Even though we only had 90 minutes in Shanghai we had to:
  • find the immigration desk
  • complete the immigration and customs forms
  • go through immigration
  • collect our luggage
  • pass through customs
  • make our way to departures
  • check in
  • go through immigration
  • go through security
  • make our way to the departure gate
This would be quite stressful in Chinese. In English, with minimal instructions and poor signage, we were really stressed. I am not sure that even a departures indication board saying "relax" would have helped


Thank you to everybody for your kind thoughts over the past couple of days. It means a lot.

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chm said...

The joys of flying! You can always expect the unexpected. I'm flying to Paris today and hope it won't be stressful.

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