Wednesday, 6 December 2017

All in all, It's just another hole in the wall..

On this blog we have featured vegetable vending machines, pizza vending machines, fresh baguette vending machines, condom vending machines, and even bike inner tube vending machines.

Now, we have a parapharmacie vending machine. Parapharmacies sell the sort of associated stuff you get in pharmacies, less the pharaceuticals. Stuff like soap, shampoo, skin care, deodorants, razors, nappies (diapers), toothpaste, and yes, condoms.

So naturally, you need a machine to sell that sort of stuff when the shop itself is shut. This one is near Denfert-Rochereau in Paris' 14th Arrondissement.


chm said...

How convenient! You can't stop progress, neither can you automation!

potty said...

Our local branch of Credit Agricole has, like many, no cash at the counter but a lobby in which is a 'hole in the wall' for a few transactions. Unfortunately the sliding door for access has been out of service so the 24/7 option has been unavailable. To cap it all the damn door was working the other Sunday but the hole in the wall inside was out of service.

chm said...

Lol! As I said above, you can't stop progress :-)

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