Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Big Picture

We normally trim the photos on the blog so you're not downloading huge amounts of stuff you'll never look at. This means most our photos are 1000 by 750 pixels, and usually less than 200kb. It all dates from the time when downloading a 30kb photo could take minutes using a dodgy dial up internet connection, and we didn't want people leaving before they saw how pretty Preuilly sur Claise was.

Of course, things have moved on since then, but because so many people (like 99%) never click on a picture in the blog to make it 1000x750 pixels we can't see the point in loading huge, data sucking pix.

However, the following photo isn't trimmed:

I didn't trim it because I can't find the 9th planet in this display on the balcons at Montrésor. Maybe it's Pluto and they didn't include it because it is (or isn't again, I can't keep up) a micro planet. Or maybe it's Pluto and it's there, but so small I haven't spotted it. Or I can't count.

Anyway - credit to Montrésor, who always manage to have something interesting in the way of public art done by the inhabitants.

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potty said...

If to scale isn't Pluto (You naughty dog!) in the next field?

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