Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Bistrot le Terminus, Amboise

We have mentioned the bistrot le Terminus near Amboise in passing a couple of times: once when we ate there with Leon, Sue, and Olivier, and once when we saw a rather nice car parked outside. We were introduced to it by Olivier in September last year and have eaten there a number of times, both with clients, and friends and family.

The bistrot itself is not the easiest to find (ask Leon and Sue!), but it is worth the effort. We usually approach from Amboise, via this route - you just have to be a bit bold with the underpass. Like many of its kind it's not in the most picturesque of places, but parking for all the white vans is plentiful, as is the food.

The entree cart

The menu is 14€50 for 3 courses, which includes buffet entree, a well cooked and generous (but not stupidly huge) main course, and buffet desserts. I will pause there... Buffet desserts.  Everything appears to be made in house and is fresh and tasty, and it is rather easy to eat too much. Drinks are extra but the wine (local, of course) is inexpensive and rather good.

Did I mention buffet desserts?

If you're in the area it is well worth visiting. If you're not in the area but close, it's worth the diversion. There aren't many establishments of this kind around Amboise, and this is an absolute beauty.


Carolyn said...

I see by the photo that other diners got to it before you. My strategy would be to go to the dessert table first and take a little of everything, but I'm the kind of person who strategizes dessert.

Susan said...

There are so many desserts on the buffet it's rare that anything runs out entirely, so no need to worry.

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