Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Random Cars

... in random places.

When we are out on the road we often see interesting cars. It could be because we are often driving an interesting car and go to places where interesting cars naturally congregate, or it could be just that I notice them. Usually I recognise the car, but sometimes I have to do some research (or ask in a car forum) as I did with the following car:

Salmson 2300 S A slightly poor photo, but it was almost dark when it was taken .
A few weeks before we saw this Jaguar XK120 fixed head coupé (no research necessary there) waiting outside the church in Montresor where a wedding was taking place. It's interesting to note that it had Polish plates, so I wonder if the wedding was something to do with the chateau. (I know, I could do research, but I research cars, not weddings!)

 And then there was the Delahaye in June. Still my favorite random car in a random place.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Its a nice colour as well set off with the roses.

chm said...

I love roses and I wonder if those are not Madame Alfred Carrière?

Susan said...

I think it's much more likely to be Pierre de Ronsard, a lovely rose, but unfortunately bred in the days when rose breeders didn't think roses had to be scented.

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