Tuesday 20 June 2017

Unexpected Treasure

We were in working last Friday, eating at one of our new favorite restaurants, "le Terminus", which is in Nazelles-Negron near Amboise station. When we left the restaurant I caught a glimpse of something I thought might be interesting, and I was right.

We have seen quite a few Delahayes in our travels, but none quite like this. Usually Delahayes are magnificently restored gleaming creations that you couldn't really see yourself using except to attend a concours, and certainly not to be driven on the road. This one is different - it looks unrestored, un-mucked about, and quite possibly all original - a rare condition for a very expensive and desirable car, and probably even more valuable because of it.

The car appears to be a Delahaye 135M, but I can't find any details about it on the internet. It has a coachbuilder's plate which says it is Chapron body no 6742, but so far that's all I know.

Needless to say - if anyone is feeling generous, yes please!


Edit - It's a 1947 Delahaye GFA 148, a less sporty, longer wheelbase version of the 135M

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

The owner is probably 90+ and has had it since new together with the local chateaux. Very Nice Motor.

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