Friday 23 June 2017

It's Too Hot To Write

It's been hot.

Proper canicule hot, with daily highs around 37C (99ishF) and lows about 20C (70ishF). That means the house has become thermically loaded and doesn't really cool down before the next onslaught of sunshine.

The other night we had the all the windows (and shutters) wide open to try attract the merest suggestion of a cool breeze and attracted a visitor. He(?) may only have been tiny, but the flapping of wings is actually quite intrusive.

Daubenton's Bat (I think).

We like bats. Their appetite for insects is how come we can leave the window open at night.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

That's tooo hot! I can honestly say I am glad not to be there. Great Bat picture, he looks a bit foxy!

Susan said...

Yes it was too hot. The bat was cute.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Much nicer today.

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