Friday, 2 June 2017

Asperges et Vin Blanc

Every year Chateau Gaudrelle in Vouvray AOC have an asparagus and wine tasting weekend when the asparagus is right at its peak.

Alexandre Monmousseau showing he is more than just a winemaker.

Perfect white asparagus from Braslou, only €5 a kilo.

The cooked asparagus disappeared before I got a chance to photograph it last year. 
Served with mousseline sauce (mayonnaise mixed with whipped egg white) made by Laetitia, 
and Chateau Gaudrelle wines.

Terra Vitis is a certification for sustainable agriculture.

This year's asparagus weekend is 3-5 June. Full details here in case you want to attend.


melinda said...

do you have to peel the fat white ones like the green ones or are they more tender?

Susan said...

You have to peel the white ones because they have a tough stringy bitter skin. I've never heard of peeling green ones -- I never do and it isn't necessary.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Miam, miam - wish I were there.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Asparagus is hard to pair with wines. Green spears are even harder to pair with wine than white asparagus, which around here, at least, has a slightly sweeter, milder taste than green asparagus with all its grassy chlorophyll flavor. I'm sure the white asparagus is good with Vouvray whites, or with other Loire Valley whites like Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé. Oaked wines don't work with asparagus.

The white spears definitely need to be peeled, but with the green ones you have to decide yourself whether to peel them or not, according to taste. I've only ever tasted the skins of white asparagus once (served unpeeled), and I can attest that the skins were tough but I don't particularly remember bitterness.

melinda said...

I always buy the smallest ones I can so never worry about peeling anyway

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