Wednesday 7 June 2017

Borough Market

Borough Market is a wonderful place. It is home to all sorts of quality food produce from all over the world. When we lived in London I was a regular, shopping here every Friday evening on my way home from work.

The Italian cheese stall, where I always bought two or three pieces of cheese.
I began shopping there before it got really famous. Lovers of good food knew about it very quickly, and people like me (and Jamie Oliver) shopped at Turnips for fruit and vegetables, the Ginger Pig for meat, Furness Fish and Game for fish, the Olive Oil Co for olive oil, Gastronomica for cured meat and the Monmouth Coffee Company for coffee. I also regularly bought dried fruit and nuts, French salted butter, Parmesan cheese and poultry, and occasionally a pork pie. There were probably about 20 stalls in all. As a regular I knew many of the traders and benefitted from being recognised as a loyal customer.

By the time these photos were taken, in 2002, there were probably 50 stalls and Borough was very well known and a popular foodie destination. Today there are over a hundred stalls.

You can see by these pictures how much havoc a terrorist attack would have caused. The place is teeming with people and packed with edible goodies on tables and display stands.

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