Monday 26 June 2017

Looking to the Far Horizon

Despite the fact that this sort of intensive monoculture is responsible for quite a few of our modern environmental woes, I do love the visual effect of a good crop of wheat. This one was taken between Richelieu and Chinon last year. Our region is the largest cereal producer in Western Europe, so you have our local farmers to thank for all that delicious French bread you've eaten while on holiday here. It's the flour from central France that makes all the difference. Flour from elsewhere just isn't the same. That's what terroir is all about. The question is, can we sustain it?

The harvest this year has started, with canola and barley being taken off apace. The wheat won't be far behind. It's a race to get it all in after this hot weather and before the rain and wind starts this week.

Here are two pictures taken on the weekend of this year's crops.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Best of luck with the dust! Perhaps you can feature it in a blog. It is usually spectacular when its been dry!

Susan said...

Yes, plenty of dust when you get out of town.

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