Friday 9 June 2017

Bargains at NOZ

Regular readers of the blog will have seen me mention NOZ before.

For the uninitiated, NOZ is an end of line shop (Europe's biggest, apparently), sometimes filled with bargains, sometimes strangely bereft of anything you might want. There is no telling, as stock is refreshed each week with whatever they have picked up at liquidation sales (I assume). When they have had stock for a while they make it half price, and later 2 for the price of a half-price one.

When we first went to NOZ it was all end of line foodstuffs (much of it weird foreign stuff), bargain cleaning products, and occasionally really good quality and massively reduced items of clothing.

Then, about 4 years ago they had SMEG refrigerators on sale at quite reasonable prices. We didn't buy one, nor did we last year buy a wedding dress for less than €50 or a toilet pedestal for €2.50. The same goes for the formal prom dresses that they had for €70 earlier this year.

On Wednesday they really surpassed themselves. When the following items are 50% off and two for one I may be tempted, although I suspect it dimishes the exclusivity of the brand to buy a brand new V8 convertible Audi at a disposal store.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

When you get two for one Simon I will buy the spare one off you!!

the fly in the web said...

Noz...Mille Stocks...real Aladdin`s caves!
Our best coup was at one whose name I forget in Angers....a wine sell off.
Red wine 1 euro a bottle, white wine half a euro....Why so cheap? The red was Australian and the white New that time the French generally shunned foreign produced wines.
But the best was to come...the white was Cloudy Bay.
We took everything we could load into the poor car, reserved the rest - red and white - and came back with a convoy of friends the next day.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

What about the beer? You forgot to mention the odd selection of beers they have..... like Adnams, and that lovely Status Quo brew from Hobsons, "Dog of two head"..... and others like the Wadworths 6X..... why so many occurrences of British beers?
Unless, because Noz is a 'sink' store, the trickle down stops there!

Simon said...

They had Dog Of Two Heads last week, as well.

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