Tuesday 13 June 2017

Swimming in the Creuse

Simon's brother heading out to swim across the river.
It was very hot on Sunday and we decided to go swimming at the popular local wild swimming spot at Lésigny. The river bottom is sandy and shallow on one side, and deep and gravelly on the other. The current is not too strong, and rather curiously, flows in the direction you expect on the deep gravelly side, but comes around in a U-turn and flows 'backwards' across the sandy bit. You could spend your time gently drifting around in an oval.

 Me swimming downstream, but against the current.
It was really pleasant in the water and not too crowded. After swimming we sat around in our folding chairs in the shade of a linden tree and watched French families having fun.

Jonathan on the far side of the river.

Fun and games in the river. I'm the dark head above the towels and Jon is further out and to the right.


Debs said...

I am jealous!I really miss swimming in the river when I am back in UK. We also enjoy launching ourselves in the 'rapids' and then floating down... roll on August!

Susan said...

It was extremely pleasant, and so was sitting around afterwards people watching.

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