Thursday, 25 June 2015

Window Box

I have always been envious of the window boxes it seems like every other house in town has, but after 5 years of trying I think I have worked out how it's done.

The secret appears to be to put in twice as many plants as you think the box will hold. Of course then you have to water them every day, not always easy when you're working away from home for a couple of days, but so far so good.


  1. Looks good....
    recommend water-retaining gell added to soil...
    it is what Pauline does....
    seems to work a treat...
    the other is to get the troughs with a water reservoir underneath...
    Lidl do them in Spring.
    We got two this year...
    I'm only needing to top them up weekly.
    Probably get some more next year.

  2. Box is looking great much better than ours at the moment. We agree Tim those Lidl boxes are great we have several... The only problem we have with them is the cats knock them off the wall!!!

  3. Susan

    What to do when you are a couple of days away?
    Take a pop bottle or water bottle in plastic with closures like in this page:

    the contender or Original
    When you leave for work , just fill the bottle , put it in the "open or drip" position and stick the neck in your container. The water will drip bit by bit into the soil keeping the roots of the plats wet.