Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Bar for Breakfast

When we are working in Tours we often need to find somewhere to have a quick breakfast. Although we could eat breakfast in our hotel if we are staying overnight, the kind of hotels we stay in are usually miles away from where our clients are.

I find it much less stressful to get to whichever of the ladies we are driving that day and make our way to close to where the clients are, all before rush hour sets in. Then I can have have breakfast, avoiding the possibilities of being caught in traffic when we should be starting work.

We have a good place for breakfast at Saint Pierre des Corps station, we have a good place for breakfast in western/central Tours, but until recently we haven't had somewhere to breakfast near the central station or on the eastern side of town. Many places tried, none of them quite on the mark, and most of them with less than ordinary coffee.

We have now been rescued by our friend Sebastian, last seen at the Hotel de la Gare in Montrichard. In 2013 Sebastian's family sold the hotel, and we were told he was off on a long holiday. Now he is back with his brother in law Bernard (who also worked with Sebastian in Montrichard) at a little café, "le Saint Claude" next to the central station in Tours.

The café doesn't serve food, but is perfectly situated next to a boulangerie. So we can call in there and buy our viennoiserie, before settling on a chair in the cafe, ordering café, and having breakfast. It is then only a 2 minute walk to either the hotel or B&B where our clients are staying. Parking is free on Boulevard Heurteloup until 9.00am, as well, so it feels like a win all round.


GaynorB said...

...less than ordinary coffee. Surely not... ;0)

Jean said...

Sounds like a great recommendation to me if ever we are in the area and in the need.

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