Thursday, 18 June 2015

35 years and going strong

Last Sunday la Traction Universelle Centre celebrated 35 years of activity with a pique-nique at Quincy, on the river Cher near Vierzon.

We went in Célestine and joined 35 (or so) other Traction Avants of varying body styles and ages.

 Jean-Pierre and Bernadette playing Pere Noél
At the moment both Susan and I are suffering serious colds, so you will have to be content with just photos for a while...


  1. Get well soon!
    What a wonderful set of Tractions....

  2. Yes Get well soon. Love the Traction with the red wings.

  3. Another vote from us both for a 'get well soon'!

  4. I guess you're sure it's colds that you have. I'm having a bad allergy attack today. Drove up to Amboise to do a few things and I had a hard time driving back, what with the sneezing, drippy nose, and teary eyes. This is unusual for late spring/early summer. Get well, you two.

    1. This morning I think I have caught that cold...

  5. Soooo jealous - not of your colds, you will both recover but I shall not recover from never touching a Traction cabriolet or spending time with like minded enthusiasts that you have in the Loire.