Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Swarms

Honey bees will begin swarming in late April through May. Chris Luck has written an excellent post outlining what you should do if there is a swarm at your place. If you live in the southern Touraine I notice that someone from Tournon Saint Pierre is advertising on LeBonCoin that he will come and collect swarms in the area.

A swarm of honey bees on the edge of the forest.

The remains of a feral honey bee hive.

A honey bee visits a bramble flower.

A domestic hive on a rooftop in Braye sous Faye.


  1. Great pix, Susan...
    that feral comb is amazing...
    still hunny but wonder-fully fluid...
    Art Nouveau against Art Deco!

    And, given the last two years thefts of hives in the region....
    that last one is an effective, if rather extreme way of counteracting the problem!!
    And a quick way of getting a living room full of bees... or a buzzing "insert"?

    1. The last one is curious, isn't it? I would have thought there was a risk of them moving into the chimney, but maybe he's encouraging them to move out of the chimney? They were definitely using the hive and not the chimney when I saw them. Could also be that the chimney just gives him a practical fixing point for the hive.