Sunday, 26 April 2015

Birds of the Interior

 Banded Honeyeater, photographed at Banka Banka Station.

This smartly dressed honeyeater is endemic to (ie only occurs in) dry tropical forest in Australia. A station is the Australian term for a vast pastoral holding (similar to the American term 'ranch').

 Varied Lorikeet, photographed at Banka Banka Station.

These little parrots live in Eucalyptus trees and are endemic to northern Australia.

A male Hooded Parrot, photographed at Pussycat Flats Racetrack. 

These are rare antbed parrots who nest in termite mounds in the semi-arid country of the Northern Territory of Australia.


chm said...

Lovely birds!

Sheila said...

Lovely indeed. Wonderful name, Pussycat Flats.

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