Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Chédigny and the Roses

Chédigny is a small village not far from us. The streets are semi-pedestrianised and the whole village awash with roses and other lovely plants. Here's what it looked like in June.

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  1. Chedigny...
    our favourite set of other peoples' gardens!!

    We went to the "Rose Show" this year... for the first time...
    looking for rose/s/ to climb over the stump of the old Christmas tree we've had cut down...
    we've left it at 3mtrs high for that reason.
    Jeanne de Chedigny is the favourite for the job.

  2. Tim: I don't know that rose. I look forward to seeing it in flower.

  3. There are several of them on the way from the car park into the village. It has wild-rose-like cream and pink flowers in big bunches throughout the year, and lovely scent, to my nose anyway.

  4. Tim: I'll look out for it next time we are there.

  5. Melinda: It is indeed a truly lovely place, and it has a great restaurant.

  6. Do you know the background of this rose, Jeanne de Chedigny?

    The line of demarcation in WWII went very close to Chedigny, where M and Mme Louault lived.

    "Bernard et Jeanne Louault recueillent et cachent dans leur ferme de Norçay deux jeunes Juifs. Ils se verront décerner en 2002 le titre de « Justes parmi les nations »" at Yad Vashem.

    There's a longer story in the Nouvelle Republique showing Mme Louault at age 98.

  7. Carolyn: oooh, thank you very much for this.

  8. These Loire Valley villages are so charming. Sometimes I regret that my husband developed a serious allergy to the rainy region and that we had to get back to the South, at least "midi moins le quart"...

  9. Betty: This one is even more charming than most.