Tuesday 9 December 2014

Catching the Train to Biarritz

The station at Tours has a series of 18 painted ceramic panels decorating the walls. Their purpose is to beautify the station concourse and entice travellers to the destinations portrayed. At present the panels are badly in need of conservation and a crowd-funding campaign is underway to raise the money to save them. Each panel will cost €8000 to clean, conserve and reattach the tiles to the walls. You can see a patch on this panel where the conservators have already done some work. To learn more about the restoration fund and the panels themselves go to Ulule Gare Tours (in French).

We thought that it might be fun to show one of the panels every now and then, with the timetable information for how one gets there from Tours today. Looking at the timetable it is clear that you might as well start your journey at Saint Pierre des Corps these days rather than in Tours. From Tours you just take the shuttle to Saint Pierre de Corps and change to the TGV (fast train) to Bordeaux, where you change again for Biarritz.


Betty Carlson said...

Interesting that it is not that complicated to get from Tours to Biarritz. There are so many advantages to being close to a TGV...

Susan said...

Betty: I agree. The TGV network is marvellous.

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