Sunday, 21 December 2014

Here and There: Veterinary Surgeries

Above, the veterinary surgery in the small Australian town that I grew up in; 
below, the veterinary surgery in Preuilly.
Au jardin hier: More grubbing up of cherry suckers. The Aged One was impressed that I was using a mattock. Not many women can use a heavy mattock apparently...
A la cuisine hier: Vegetarian Chilli Beans, easy and satisfying.


  1. Your French vet's clinic looks quite smart!

  2. "Not many women can use a heavy mattock apparently..."...
    or, perhaps, wouldn't like to let their hubby know that they can...
    either to avoid being lumbered....
    or to preserve the hubby's dignity.

    There are plenty of "woe-men" around here who look built for the task!

    If you need the mattock sharpening, let me know...
    the annual "spade,blade,azada&mattock" resharpen takes place in January...
    ready for the digging season.
    And remember to oil your grellinette handles...
    and any other wooden handles...
    now, so that the oil can soak in over the festivities.

  3. Betty: The vet is a lovely man too.

    Tim: OK, will break out the linseed and do that. I'll bring the mattock and a couple of spades over if that's alright. Just let me know the appointed day. Many thanks.

  4. If you look over the wall of a wellkept vegetable plot in Majorca or Crete you'll see a little stooping figure in black wielding a mattock. And it's unlikely to be male. I used to be a crack shot with a mattock in my archaeological days, long gone alas. Pauline

  5. I agree with Susan, these murs de pierres sèches are gorgeous.

    Depending on the browser you use, the text to type is easier or more difficult?

  6. My comment above was meant for Ken's post on Môlay. How it got here, I have no idea. I used the Puffin browser!?!?!?

  7. Pauline: I'm not bad, but with cherry suckers it can be difficult judging what angle you need for a one shot chop. I probably manage one in two.

    chm: Google weirdness.

  8. Blogger weirdness. I guess you get what you pay for (it's free).