Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sunny Sunflowers

A large sunflower in a field just outside Sublaines, with happy honey bees gathering pollen and/or nectar in a safe, neonic free environment (presumably).
Sunflower season here is July and early August. The clients love them, so we always scope out the best field for photographs.

We park up on the side of a country road and the clients scatter every which way to take photos.
A la cuisine hier: Carrot soup, spiced with ground coriander seed and ras al hanout.


  1. Soup...
    same colour, possibly slightly different flavour as our pumpkin soooopz...
    always with Russell Hainault!!

    The picture of people frantic to get pix of sunflower fields is lovely....
    I'll bet, if you'd set up in Provence, you'd be getting the same reaction from the lavender fields!

  2. We love them to... You didn't name the car!!!

  3. Tim: I must admit I like ras al hanout better than commercial curry spice mix.

    C+E: I know - lazy. It's Célestine.

  4. Sunflowers are particularly good this year, even growth and plenty of big flowers to make a golden carpet. With you on the ras al hanout.