Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Bit Fishy

Do we have any readers who can identify fish species? We would be quite interested to know what these are. Simon photographed them in the river Cher at Chenonceau earlier this month.


  1. They are a type of Bass but not sure which one without looking it up... (I think Col)

  2. Chub!!
    The dark end to the tail and the pinky/red fins underneath.

    That's from my UK fishing knowledge...
    but the Biotope Guide shows that there is an introduced species of fish called Nose Carp...
    but they like flowing, gravelly bottoms and stay in midstream.

  3. I used to see those fish in a river in France but my brain is refusing to remember the name.
    Susan, did you read this article yet? It is really alarming to me.

  4. Nick thinks they could be trout or hotu.
    Or they could be anything. As a fisherman, how should he know - he only tried to catch 'em !!

  5. Hmm they remind me of trout or salmon but there scales are suspect....maybe blue trout catch one and see what it tastes like it cooks then give us your verdict.isn't France fantastic.
    Love your blog guys keep up the good work.

  6. Having followed up the leads given here (many thanks guys!) I think Tim is right and these are Chub. My one and only (ancient) field guide tells me that they are in the Carp family and are the commonest fish in slow flowing European rivers and streams. That matches my observation of them. If I was just picture matching in the field guide I would ID them as the closely related Orfe, which is comparatively rare.