Tuesday 8 July 2014

Mystery Chateau

 5 points to anyone who can correctly identify this chateau.
French Expression: Tout simplement = quite simply. Magazine programme and current affairs interviewees use this phrase a lot on the telly.  If they are talking about politics, French or Australian, at the moment, C'est tout simplement une honte! (= 'It's quite simply a disgrace!').
A la cuisine hier: Cottage pie, with mushrooms in with the meat and carrots in with the mash, served with steamed green beans grown by our local organic market gardeners. Followed by home made raspberry sorbet, using fruit grown by our aged orchard neighbour.
Quiz Results: This is the Chateau of Saint Florent sur Cher. The first photo shows the 19th century front, the second photo the late medieval gatehouse. It's not a Touraine Loire Valley chateau, but located in the old province of Berry (the modern départements of Cher, Indre and part of Vienne) right bang slap in the centre of France, between Chateauroux and Bourges. The chateau now serves as the town hall.

Liselle knows where it is because she was with us when we visited. As a result I don't think I can fairly award points. Jean wanted to know if she could visit and the answer is you can visit the grounds which have lovely views of the chateau and the river, but the interior of the chateau is office space (which you could get to see if you had business with the town hall).


Sheila said...

You can throw USA politics in that
mix too.

Jean said...

I don't recognise the château but look forward to finding out its name - and whether you can visit it. It looks beautiful.

Liselle said...

I know Miss! Tricky one this.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I didn't recognize it even though I have been there.

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