Wednesday 9 July 2014

The Streets of Bourges

Recently we went to Bourges and enjoyed this small city very much. Bourges is situated about 2 hours east of us. Here are some pictures of the centre ville.

A street in the really old quarter of town.
 I forget what this building is (the old Palais de justice maybe?) It's medieval anyway.
 I liked the juxtaposition of old and new here.
 A typical shopping street.
 A 15th century church.


Tim said...

On seeing that first picture, I thought "that reminds me of the Shambles in York"! It's not, really - just the camera angle is the same. Pretty town - we'll have to go. P.

Susan said...

PG: It reminded us of York too.

Liselle said...

Lovely photos. A most excellent outing.

Tim said...

I agree with Pauline....
it looks a very pretty city.
I also like your old and new pic....
especially the way the crane reflects the ancient building techniques!

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