Thursday 14 November 2013

Tickets to Ride

This time last year we were beginning our journey out to Australia via China. Over the course of the following month we used all and more of the above tickets, timetables and schematic maps as well as spending on petrol what we spend on diesel in France for a whole year.
A la cuisine hier: Masoor Dal Palak (Red Lentils and Spinach Curry).
Au jardin hier: Apeldoorn Tulips planted, and some irises from Alice and a rosemary bush from Sweetpea.
A la marché hier: Cave grown chestnut mushrooms, buckwheat honey, summer flower honey, cantal de Salers cheese, bleu de Causses cheese, goat chops, wild boar terrine, beetroot, parsnip, celeriac, spinach, peppers, chili, raspberries. Total spend €45.
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for the Gatekeeper butterfly Pyronia tithonus.

A new entry has been added for the Meadow Brown butterfly Maniola jurtina.

Photos have been added to the Glanville Fritillary butterfly Mellitea cinxa page.


Stuart said...

I'm glad to see you're taking the Filvert to China ! Take a good book.

Susan said...

Stuart: And the best bit is that all FilVert journeys cost €1.90, no matter how long.

Tim said...


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