Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Eté chaud, automne pourri, hiver glacial, printemps arabe

That's a line from French hiphop artist Kayna Samet's version of Ghetto Tale.

 In case you are wondering, this is what an automne pourri looks like.

The line from the song translates as 'hot summer, foul autumn, icy winter, Arab spring', and for the second autumn in a row the weather here is glum and wet. This photo was taken, in the rain, on 5 November.
Fungi Foray: The Association de Botanique et de Mycologie de Sainte Maure de Touraine is holding a fungi foray in the Forest of Chinon on Saturday 16 November. Meet at 2 pm at the Charles VII intersection. (From the Pucelle intersection take the forest road towards Rivarennes, on your right when coming from Tours.) The mushrooms picked will be laid out and identified after the outing. The focus is on all types of fungi, but there is nothing to prevent you picking for the table.
Traction News: Yesterday we drove Claudette over to Saint Amand Montrond to attend a series of lectures on the Resistance. We took our friend John, who shouted us lunch, and met up with fellow Tractionistes Dan, Marie Christine and Jean Louis. After the event we all went back to Dan and Marie Christine's for supper. A very convivial time was had by all.


  1. Isn't Cellie feeling rather isolated?

    And just think of all that energy vanishing downtream...

  2. Tim: Yes a bit probably. We visit regularly and she gets a little outing.

  3. A wet winter
    A dry spring
    A bloody summer
    And no king.

    Hollande had better have a look at the weather forecasts...

  4. Fly: Thank you! I knew the line from the song reminded me of something and I couldn't quite remember what.