Thursday 19 May 2011

Excitement for Bricoleurs

At about this time last year we wrote how M.Bricolage in Chatellerault had turned into Brico Chatellerault. Three month later the shop had closed down, but at about the same time, we noticed that in one of the industrial areas (Z.I Nord Varennes) a new brico shop was being fitted out.

We hadn't been there until yesterday, but it appears to be a really good brico shop - larger than Bricomarché, and with lots of things. Things are good, and the lifeblood of any restoration project, so I have no doubt we will be returning again soon.

Talking of house restoration, Susan continued sanding the kitchen ceiling yesterday, whilst I continued playing with tiles.


PS - yes, there are clouds in the photo, no, it didn't rain.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes we agree its a good shop. Prices vary some things are cheaper than Bricomarche and some more expensive. We have used it many times.

Simon said...

C&E. for some reason we don't got to Chatellerault much, mainly it's Tours or Chassneuil.

We may have to visit more often, though.

Leon Sims said...

Simon - I became sooooooo excited with photo. Just to the left poking a headlight out was a Citoen AMI. Whahooo. There's still some around. What can I say, I'm a car freak.

Simon said...

Best of all, an AMI6 with the "Ford Anglia on steroids" rear screen!

GaynorB said...

Does this one close over lunch time?

Lunchtime closing always catches us out, particularly at Yzeures!

Will we ever learn.......?

Perhaps when we are able to live in France for longer periods? I hope so!!

Craig said...

In Cognac, where we used to live, I always thought that the relatively small M. Bricolage could try a lot better than it did. I'd get frustrated to find empty spaces on the shelves for an item I'd gone there to buy. Leroy Merlin on the other hand were fabulous but we had to drive 45 minutes to reach it so it wasn't an everyday choice.

Simon said...

Craig. We're on about the same regeim for getting to brico stores - a bricomarche close by that we use when we only want one of something, then Leroy Merlin and BricoDepot for bulk buys, but 50km (at least) away.

Gayner. I think it closes - I can't read the sign on the door, but it looks like times.

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