Thursday, 5 May 2011

More Floors

This blog is gradually turning into a series about floors. I wouldn't say we have a floor fixation, but we spend a lot of time fixing flawed floors.

Stéphane is about to cross the dodgy threshold
The latest floor to come to our attention is the second floor landing, more specifically the section between the door into the attic bathroom and the new raised floor in the bathroom itself. This we left at the old level because otherwise the door into the bathroom would have only been 5' high - no good for a 6'+ bloke. The big problem we have had is how degraded the old floor was and the fact that some of the boards weren't able to be screwed in place because they were just resting on stonework.

Mixing cement. The white fluff is glass fibre
reinforcing. It takes the place of steel rods
This we have solved with cement: any old boards that couldn't be fixed were lifted, and all the other boards screwed firmly down. I painted it all with primer and then last Sunday we put down about 3cm of cement. That is taking an age to really go off, but once it has done (hopefully today) I will be priming that and laying ragreage - self levelling cement - over the top.

Laying cement. Somehow it feels wrong to be putting cement
over wooden floorboards at the top of two flights of stairs.
We can then clean and prime the whole bathroom floor (including the new self levelled cement bit) and tile.


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