Saturday 21 May 2011

Glimpses 18

Until we were standing in front of the Mairie on 8 Mai, it hadn't occurred to me how well carved the column capitals are.

You can read about the Mairie here.



Ken Broadhurst said...

Simon, are you sure you are reading the weather forecasts correctly? Nothing I've seen over the past few days from MétéoFrance, whether on the web site or on TV new shows, has shown rain predictions like that. At the most, they've said we might get isolated thundershowers. And we have had them. There are no rain fronts moving in from the NW or the SW, which is where they come from (Brittany or Spain).

Simon said...

Ken: Yup. They changed our "rain on Sunday afternoon" to "rain all Saturday afternoon" on Saturday morning, and changed the "rain Sunday afternoon" to "sunny all Sunday" at about midnight last night.

ckb said...

Well we are not seeing the same forecasts at all. All I've seen is forecasts of scattered (thunder) showers.

Now they are saying it will rain on Thursday. That's a little far in the future, so who knows if they will turn out to be right.

Anyway, don't focus on the weather forecasts and forecasters. And especially don't focus on the inaccuracy of the FRENCH weather forecasts. That is the road to perdition.

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