Sunday 8 May 2011

8 Mai

As it is 8 Mai we will be attending the Ceremony at the War Memorial. Today has many names: Fête de la Libération, Armistice de 1945 and Victoire de 1945, but is usually just called Huit Mai.

In Paris the president will be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and in Preuilly sur Claise the Maire will be reading the president's official 8 Mai speech.

Storm clouds gathering over Preuilly yesterday evening
They missed again.
Last year I complained about the weather on 8 Mai - it rained. Tomorrow I may well complain about the weather if it doesn't rain. We have once again been promised rain, so that's every day for two weeks we have been promised rain "tomorrow".



Colin and Elizabeth said...

The weathermen know 'Tomorrow never comes' Just the same in Braye. Don't water its going to rain. No its not!!!

ckb said...

The weather forecaster on TF1, Louis Bodin, said yesterday that it will remain warm and dry through at least next Friday. We're under the control of a high pressure system. He said there might be a few scattered showers.

As they say, the weather reporters and sites don't make the weather, they just talk about it.

Niall & Antoinette said...

It's threatened here once or twice and just as we dare to become a bit hopeful "pouff" it clears again....

Tim said...

Water.... wash Celestine.... paint the outside WILL rain then, sure as eggs is eggs!!

WV is "matileen"... so no rain tomorrow then!

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