Tuesday, 24 May 2011

So What are we Up To?

A good question, and one I am glad you asked.

Simon is struggling with putting satin paint on the kitchen ceiling. The ceiling is plaster, and for some reason although we primed/undercoated properly, the satin paint won't go on evenly. Even the application of plumbing/tiling language didn't help.

The expensive washable paint only goes where it can
be washed, so you can see where the kitchen units will go
In the new bathroom, the tiling is approaching being finished. We have ordered the plinthe (skirting) tiles and hope for them to arrive by Friday lunchtime. This means we can finish the tiling this coming weekend.

Susan, meanwhile, is chopping thistles out of the potager and watering, providing sustinance and magically appearing in the doorway when the paint causes a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Our whitegoods have started arriving, as well. The new 219 litre eco fridge was delivered yesterday, and the stylish sink and integrated dishwasher are also on their way. We order and collect the kitchen units some time this week (maybe Thursday, if all the deliveries have happened before then). The carrelage des terre cuite should arrive tomorrow, and then we will just about have all we need to complete the kitchen and bathroom - or at least get them to a usable state.



  1. Cannot wait to see the finished
    product. Already looks great...
    carry on, Simon.

    Interestingly, there seems to
    be another Sheila out there.
    When I saw the comments late
    yesterday, I worried for a sec
    that dementia was settling in
    and that I'd forgotten I had
    written earlier.


  2. Sheila: So yesterday's comment from Sheila wasn't you? I naturally assumed it was. You will have to start signing off as 'Sheila from Texas' or somesuch :-)

  3. Hi Simon.... you aren't the integrated dishwasher then?
    Susan... the cherries are about to come on song... Pauline thought you'd probably like some when they do!

    WV is "ressel".... obviously aimed at you both... so keep resseling with the difficulties!!