Tuesday, 8 September 2009

We're on Holiday

...or rather on holiday of a sort.

Uncle Geoff and Aunty Pat are visiting, so we have taken the opportunity to have the week off and show them around. This means no work on the house, and lots of doing small interesting things.

Our annual Cyclamen photo.

Yesterday that meant I was playing with Célestine to see why she wouldn't start (the dynamo has issues) and have taken her to the garage: Susan cooking a chook, making plum crumble, and stuffing tomatoes: and Pat and Geoff have been revelling in the peace and quiet of Preuilly.

Today we are off to do some sightseeing (in the Renault, unfortunately) and tomorrow we phone the garage to see what the prognosis is.



Paulita said...

Sounds like you are working your way toward peaceful. What is a chook?

Jean said...

Simon, thats the trouble with electrickery, you can't see it, touch it (without it hurting a lot)and when it goes wrong you've no idea whats up so it drives you nuts.

I once had a car which flattened the batery every now and then - turned out there was a bare wire behind the clutch pedal that shorted out every time you pressed it...

As a former owner of venerable machinery my top tip is go hang out at the garage, watch and learn, you'll soon pick up Celestine's foibles, features and quirks and everyone will wonder at just how much in tune you are with her....

Simon said...

Paulita - chook = chicken

Nick - nice effort - you drove in wellies so you got no tingle in the foot?

I now have one of those battery boosters, just in case

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