Friday, 11 September 2009

Two more Chateaux

Yesterday we visited Chenonceau and Chaumont sur Loire.

We took Geoff and Pat through the chateau and the kitchen gardens at Chenonceau, before going on to the restaurant le Cheval Blanc in Bléré. We had a really pleasant 2 course meal there, the 22€ lunchtime special. The entrée choices were gravlax or rabbit in aspic, and the main course was a choice between duck breast and a duo of fish (zander and bass).

I imagine there isn't a photo of Chenonceau that hasn't
been taken a billion times before, so I didn't even try!
We then drove to Chaumont sur Loire via the viewpoint for Chenonceau that's on the opposite bank and Montrichard. For some reason Montrichard is a Chateau that gets overlooked in the greater scheme of things - maybe because it is a medieval fortress rather than a renaissance playground - but it is a very impressive sight, perched on its cliff above the river Cher.

Chaumont - even if everyone else in the world
has taken this photo, we hadn't before yesterday.
Chaumont is the site of an annual garden festival, which Susan really enjoyed (and will write about later), and seems to be another of the less crowded chateaux. It has splendid views of the Loire (even I was impressed, and usually the Loire River itself doesn't move me) and a large, more "English" parkland garden.

We had hoped to take Célestine, but she is still awaiting her new alternator so we had to make do with the Renault. It's a good enough car, but it doesn't make us feel special like Célestine does.



Jean said...

Simon, sorry to hear Celestine is still poorly. Take heart - it takes a while to iron out all the little wrinkles. I know this from being an "old bike" widow when Nick was going through a vintage bike phase. They always needed lots of fettling and tinkering with, but they were beautiful and worth it.
BUT - how can you admit to be unimpressed by the Loire ?? That's sticking your head above the parapet just a smidge too far, perhaps. !!
I hope your visitors are having a good time - and you two, too, are enjoying the break from the hard slog of renovations.

Simon said...

Jean - dunno why - (well - I do really - it's because its sandy gravelly riverbed rather than water) but the Loire river itself doesn't move me. I much prefer the Cher or the Vienne (or even our own little Claise)

As for Célestine, I'm pining...

wcs said...

No matter how many times I take that same photo of Chaumont, it always looks a little different. They seem to change how the garden is planted very frequently.

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