Monday, 28 September 2009

L'art et Lard

There are some thing that just cannot live up to the inner 15 year old's expectations, and this is one of them.

I will be visiting the fête in anticipation of seeing at least one copy of Michelangelo's David made out of pig fat, but I feel I may be disappointed.



Jean said...

Wassat all about then ??

Simon said...

No idea, but behave youself and I might tell you on the 12th!

Matt said...


chezANIA said...

Want putting out of your misery...?

L'art & lard is an imaginatively put 'Fete d'Automne', Vide Grenier or such like.

It is held in the lovely little village of le Petit Pressigny & comprises stalls of locally produced food, crafts etc. restauration sur place & fish catching competitions in and around the village square.

We had a stall with our plants for sale there last year and intend going for it again next year.

This activity (the lard or fat) is combined with an "art" exhibition displayed in the gardens of villagers, so making for a very nice wander and a nose :)

Simon said...

Awwwww You could at least have let a guy dream....

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