Sunday, 6 September 2009

The New Guest Bedroom

Today our first guests since we moved here in May arrive. This is a big occasion for us, because not only does it give us an opportunity to trot out out newly refurbished guest bedroom, but we also have our own bedroom, and will soon have a salon.

Our guest bedroom
For the last 17 weeks we have been sleeping, dining and occasionally relaxing in our front ground floor room - what our neighbours refer to as either the salle à manger or le salon. Now we have a staircase we can use our upstairs rooms and spread out a bit. Of course, having guests does have an advantage - Uncle Geoffrey can help us moving wardrobes upstairs, thus clearing the salon for more lounge type furniture.

All of this has meant putting up curtain rods, one of the most annoying and demoralising jobs in the whole history of any sort of home improvement. I mean - who designed this stuff, and why did they make it so fiddly? I am not impressed.

Some of the less instantly nescessary items we own we have stored in the attic, so that one day we can take a stall at a vide grenier and sell all our rubbish in the traditional manner.



wcs said...

The guest room looks grand! Enjoy your visitors!

Jean said...

Brilliant Simon, the end of an era. It looks scarilly French, where did you get the wallpaper for the door?

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Curves out in the garage, curves in the stairwell, and now curves in the bedroom: assimilation to all things French is clearly taking place.

Best wishes,

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