Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Getting that Preuilly sur Claise Look

People often ask me "Simon - how do I recreate that Preuilly sur Claise look at home*?"

This season, I will be wearing mainly paint. Of course, clothes are important and it pays to be careful in your choice of wardrobe. Shirts should be paint stained, but be wary of wearing a shirt that has paint spatters of just one colour, which shows you have come recently to the world of fashion. Ideally, paint marks on clothing should comprise a range of colours and finishes, from matt undercoat to semi gloss topcoat, with a scattering of high gloss metal paint for the hardened fashionistas.

The lower half should also be clothed.

Shorts are a good idea, as they let the legs and feet to catch paint drips before they reach the floor, allowing the artist to become one with their work. The other option is long trousers you have either grown out of or no longer need in pristine condition because you don't work in an office any more. These should have paint marks in the same range as the shirt. Suit trousers are particularly good for adding a dashing air.

Footwear is important as well, as although the feet should be allowed to breath, footprints on newly cleaned floor are more effective if they have some sort of treadmark. In this photo I am wearing action sandals, but carpet slippers are a just as valid option.

Of course, these days every man about town has his skincare regimen, and we well dressed Prulliaciens are no different. A light dusting of plaster dust makes a good foundation, as it soaks up any perspiration, giving you the perpetual "oh so fresh" look. Highlights in the hair to match the paint you are using (or in extremis, out of the paint you are using) work well.

And of course, the all important matter of odour. Eschew expensive products from the likes of Carlos Beerpaddock or Kevin Small**, and wear White Spirit.

You know it makes sense...


*I lie.
** names changed to protect the innocent.


Keir said...

I hope Susan's comments on feminine attire will be coming soon. And will it be applicable to those of us who aspire to be les Couffiois?

Paulita said...

I think you've hit all the right notes. Those action sandals look like they've been overactive and I don't see enough paint on the shirt to be really a la mode!

Abbé Henri Proust said...

I never realised until I read this post that I was being so modish - but then some may follow couture tips from Paris; others from Preuilly-sur-Claise.

The Beaver said...

Looking for a job at GQ :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you leave yesterday's comment to see if any of your regulars would react?


gil said...

fashion victim!

Jenny said...

So glad we can have the "Preuilly sur Claise" look here on the ranch.

Jean said...

It all helps to keep the fashion police at bay, eh ??
But what about the correct foundation garments to underpin the look ??

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