Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Celestine goes Sightseeing

Celestine came back from the garage on Monday evening with a new alternator in place of her clapped out old dynamo.

To celebrate we thought we would take her on a little trip so I could get more used to driving her. We had problems yesterday morning with her not starting, but I think that was a block in the fuel filter, because I wiggled it around and she ran fine for the rest of the day.

Outside the church at Beaulieu lès Loches
The new alternator has made a huge difference: the battery charges when we idle at the traffic lights, and even when driving home with the headlights on high beam after visiting Ken and Walt we were charging the battery. The headlights are fun - big yellow eyes that are surprisingly effective. We were expecting them to be a bit feeble, but on high beam they light up the road nicely. It's a bit disconcerting changing from high beam to low, because there is a momentary no beam at all moment in the middle. It's a foible, not a fault...

In amongst the plane trees in Chanceaux près Loches
Posing at Montpoupon. We attracted
quite a few comments.
We hope this means our starting problems are behind us. Next stop is having a look at the exhaust, because we are almost antisocially parpy at the moment.



  1. I love that the car has taken on this tourist identity. Will she be in all of your photos from now on, like the dwarf that travels the world? What is parpy? Do I want to know?

  2. What a photogenic car she is.

  3. Yes, what is "parpy"? She didn't seem "parpy" to me but then I wouldn't know. We did enjoy our ride around the block.

  4. Parpy, think of a badly played bass trombone :¬) Caused due to one or two small holes in the exhaust. Inside it isn't so bad, but driving up our street with all the houses so close it is a thunderous roar.

    Jean. I stay out of the photos so as not to distract

  5. KEN AND WALT HAD A RIDE AROUND THE BLOCK.??!!!!Jealous or what?? Harrumph. Would Celestine like to come to Le Grand-Pressigny in about the middle of October?? She'd look lovely parked in the village square and if she happened to wander up the hill towards the chateau.............

  6. Jean, right time, right place :¬) you never know...