Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some time in England

I've been away in Stratford-upon-Avon at a conference.

Conference bags ready to be handed out.
The conference went extremely well. Everyone agreed the food was particularly good this year.

Lamb shank in a red wine sauce.
The lamb was delicious, although there was a perfectly horrid mint sauce to go with it, which I am sure had been made with the contents of a box of mint teabags.

Conference delegates getting down to the serious
business of playing Scalextric.
Yes, they are dressed as cows...

I didn't get any free time in Stratford, so there are no photos of charming timberframed black and white buildings.

I did get a couple of hours in London, so there are some photos of office blocks.



  1. Susan, maybe it's a silly question ... but why are the delegates dressed as cows ??? Martine

  2. They should have used Lapsang Souchong teabags instead! Ha! Ha! LOL-MDR

    P.S. MDR = "Mort De Rire" or "à Mourir De Rire"

  3. You obviously go to much more interesting conferences than I do.

  4. Martine: the party theme this year was black and white. Apparently these cow costumes get quite a lot of use on the ski slopes of Austria too.

    CHM: Lapsang Souchong would have tasted considerably better, I can assure you. I wondered if the chef was not English, and therefore didn't realise that mint sauce must be made with spearmint, not peppermint. It also needs to be fresh mint, not dried.