Friday, 18 September 2009

Another Slow Day

It rained most of yesterday, which is good. (I know, it's like déjà vu all over again!)

Susan went to the market in the rain, while I sat at home nursing my cold. We have had the heater on in the front room, which is quite cozy and comfortable, but we are looking forwards to the day when we have a proper fire in the room. We rang M. Douady to see if we can get a firm date for the work, but only got as far as his answering machine. (I say we, in this case that means Susan).

A photo from last week: the Loire River
from Chaumont sur Loire
In the afternoon Susan spent most of her time sorting out produce; peeling and stewing Peaches, making apple things, and I chipped in with cracking another couple of hundred hazelnuts.

Today we are off to Loches to register Célestine in our names, and try to sort out building permission for our garden wall. It sounds rather masochistic that we should attempt two branches of bureaucracy in one day, but we're young and strong...



ladybird said...

Good luck!

BTW, who came up with the name 'Célestine'? Was it you or was that name given to her by her previous owner? I think it sounds swell! Martine

Jean said...

Bon courage with the beaurocracy !

Jenny said...

Registering Celestine in your names, how parental of you and how sweet it sounds. I hope you are feeling better.

Simon said...

Martine. It was me. According to the man who sold her, daughters have names, cars don't.

Jean - fingers crossed, although I am slightly worried we did something at the sou-prefecture that didn't involve opening the chequebook...

Jenny. getting there, Now I am just grumpy :¬)

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