Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Pictures of Preuilly*

Thanks to one of Bengt and Suzanne's neighbours, I have found a new view over Preuilly. It is on a ridge that extends east from the chateau, and is quite possibly a ruined wall or the top of a defensive ditch. It gives the best views over Preuilly I have yet found. The view from the Chateau is possibly better, but I am quite sure I will never have a chance to find out.

It is interesting how different a place you know quite well can look when you change your viewpoint.

Preuilly sur Claise
The eastern end of the abbaye, and the "new" bridge over the Claise.
This house is for sale. Very cute, but I think it may be a money pit - even more so that our house!

*Whenever I type this, I sing The Who song of a similar name to myself. Yes, I know it is pronounced differently, but it amuses me...


john said...

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy my visits to your blog. There is something both etherial and permanent about these villages. Each time I see them I picture myself watching the passing scene while sitting under the plane trees sipping coffee and having a chocolate croissant.

Simon said...

Thanks for your comments, John. I too, picture myself sitting under the plane trees, sipping coffe. One day - when I have the house finished!


Jill & John said...

The area to the east of the chateau is certainly very interesting and the terrain looks man made. I have a memory (not always reliable!) of seeing it marked on a map as La Garenne. If I am correct then part of the answer at least would be that it was probably the site of the Rabbit Warren for the chateau. Warrens were once a very important and jealously guarded source of fresh meat not available to the peasantry and was one of the numerous grievances that helped fuel the French Revolution.

Simon said...

Jill and John

You're right - and I actually took a photo of the map concerned with the intention of blogging about it! (It's the one on front of La Poste) I hadn't made the connection with rabbits, but it is where my rabbit photos come from so the association continues.

Haven't got around to it yet, but this may just prove to be the spur I need.