Friday, 17 November 2017

Trains, Planes and...

...hopefully automobiles.

This is what today should look like for us. We're out the door before midday, heading towards Australia. We arrive Sunday afternoon local time, but before that I have arranged a little excursion.


Just a quick reminder about the Loire Valley Time Travel gift store. We are quite proud of the designs, and we like the t-shirts we have received so far. We will be wearing them in Australia, hopefully to admiring looks. The cups look great, but we have 3 households' of coffee cups here so haven't ordered any - yet. Someone may get a cup for Christmas. Check out (and make sure you use) the discount codes - they always seem to have at least one set of discounts happening.


  1. The t-shirt has been washed and ironed and is looking good.
    You have a good trip now.

  2. Have a safe trip. Susan, please give my best regards to your parents.

  3. Bon voyage, bonjour aux parents et au chien....

  4. Safe travels S & S, hope to catch up while you are back.