Saturday, 4 November 2017

Stable Sale

Back in October I picked up on Facebook that the Mesdames Becdelièvre, sisters-in-law from the Chateau of Boussay, were holding a sale of high quality furnishing fabrics at the chateau. I asked my friend Jill if she wanted to check it out. She was interested, as was her husband John, on the grounds that it was an opportunity to get a closer look at the chateau.

Two wings of the chateau of Boussay.

When we got to the chateau there was no visible sign that anything was going on. I parked at Place Simon Jacquet and we walked down the driveway. It wasn't until we were at the moat that we spotted the first (and only) indication that there was a sale on. Can you see the arrow pointing to the vente? Discreet or what!

The old stables being used as a temporary boutique.

The fabric samples were displayed in the former stables and John and I spent the first ten or fifteen minutes admiring the architecture. It was early afternoon and initially we were the only ones there. Later Gilou (longtime resident of Boussay who knows everyone) and Françoise (who lives round the corner from us in Preuilly) turned up. Jill bought some remnants and I bought a handmade makeup purse and a headband. These sales are going be repeated, and if you have a decorating project I would recommend checking them out when they come around. Half price Italian furnishing fabric is well worth taking a look at.

The names of the former occupants of the stables are stencilled above the manger.
Hans, Mubbel, Stier, Mocke. I'm struck by how Germanic sounding the horses' names are.

The Becdelièvres are due to retire soon and according to Madame M. Becdelièvre they want to set up a 'Friends of the Chateau' type association. The chateau needs some TLC and the Becdelièvres want to encourage those who love the place to get involved. They hope to sensitively explore possibilities for commercial activities that are compatible with the place. If you are interested in following life at the chateau they have set up a Facebook page.


Unknown said...

Madame Harelip. What a strange name you have, Madame!

Susan said...

Yes. Everyone says that.

Unknown said...

Sorry for beng so trite! 😉

Susan said...

Well, it is an unusual name, and everyone, both French and anglo, comments on it. It's also a very old name.

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