Sunday, 12 November 2017

Piccabeen Palms

The Piccabeen Palm Archontophoenix cunninghamiana is one of the special species hanging on in Ravensbourne National Park. It is also known as the Bangalow Palm. They can grow up to 20 metres tall and have become invasive in some places outside of Australia where they have been introduced.

The red fruits attract birds.

They favour wet ravines in subtropical climates. Ravensbourne National Park, on the Great Dividing Range in south-east Queensland, is ideal for them.

The fronds are large and eventually fall to the ground.


chm said...

It sure looks tropical!

Sheila said...

These are quite often seen around Southern California where we used to live. One definitely wants to avoid being hit by one of those falling fronds which are heavy.

Susan said...

It's not really.

Susan said...

Yes, I imagine getting hit by a frond is dangerous.

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