Saturday 1 July 2017

Getting the Best View

Despite the fact that these people on the stepladder completely ruined my view of the 2016 Tour de France riders as they whizzed through Saint Savin, I was amused by their ingenuity and self-confidence. 

The Tour de France starts today and if it is passing somewhere near you we really recommend you get out there and watch it. It's a great day out even if you are at risk of being stampeded by nine year olds competing for trinkets flung from the caravane, or have your well chosen vantage point on a retaining wall outclassed by three people who set up a stepladder just ten minutes before the riders arrive.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

It is a very well attended event given its length and well worth turning out to watch... If its only the adults snatching trinkets off the kids. Will mis it this year.

Susan said...

We think it's because it is the only sporting event with world class competitors that you can get really close to -- often no barriers between you and the competitors. It's a thrilling experience, even for the non-sporty.

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