Wednesday 5 July 2017

Summer Bat Survey

The local summer bat survey took place on 23 June and we didn't see very many species, but it was an enjoyable day out in the field (with convivial lunch provided by Jean-Claude once again).

 Virginie's notes.
 The note says:
Count with the local history association
Friday 23 June 2017

1. Cingé -- the Lesser Horseshoes are in the latrines and the cellar.
21 adults
3 juveniles (still nursing)

Natacha, Valentin, Axelle -- League for the Protection of Birds (LPO)
Virginie -- representing two bat groups and the LPO
Melanie and Coline -- Claise Living Heritage in the Touraine.
Dominique, Jean-Claude, Susan -- local history association.

No Barbastelles.
1 Greater Mouse-eared in the stairwell.

2. The Doucet's cave in Preuilly
-- nothing -- wet.

2a. LPO La Guerche
1 Geoffroy's.

Water flows down the cave walls.
Despite how hot and dry it was outside, inside the Doucet's cave (a former limestone quarry) it was positively dripping. Water is percolating through the ceiling and forming stalactites and staining (the yellow colour will be iron brought by the water). I assume all this water is still working its way through the geology after the floods twelve months ago.

Local vermouth maturing.
We were reminded in a jokey way not to touch Monsieur Doucet's private stash of homemade vin d'épine, a local vermouth flavoured with blackthorn sprigs. My friend Paul has given me his family recipe, which makes 30 litres. Probably more than I really need...


Colin and Elizabeth said...

We have a bottle of vin d'epine given to us by our French neighbours. Must dig it out and see how it has matured.

Susan said...

I reckon about 3 years is good for these sorts of concoctions.

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